It is sure that the action of Shadows' Theatre Performances contributes in the detoxination of the people from the subculture of television and from the other hand upgrades gradually the people's Spiritual Level offering the opportunity to relax a bit from the anxiety of life. Especially in the summer a Karagkiozis Performance is offered for the entertainment of children and adults as it is theatre for all the family.


A Performance, or a row of Karagkiozis Performances, from my Artistic Group of Shadows' Theatre will be the best and for sure the cheapest manifestation. For the detailed cost-list for each area of Greece Click Here(Text Available only in Greek version). We offer bargain 20% for more than 10 performances. In case we have not collaborated in the past consequently you don't know my work, Follow this link to see the people with whom I've collaborated in the recent past (Text Available only in Greek version).


Great Stage, of Various Dimensions (3 metres, 4 metres, 5 metres and 8 metres long), suitable for any place, sound installation Stereo 2x200W or perfect sound results, and a rich and large repertory of 200 traditional performances with contemporary pleasantries (duration 90 minutes).

OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: The History of the WorldWide Shadows' Theatre, in a 20minute slide-show with historical narration and musical investment, from India to Greece.


1) A Platform with small dimensions: height: 50cm, length: 3,50m, width: 2,00m.
2) A Plug 2KW.