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- Panos Kapetanidis was born in 1958 in Keratsini. He has studied Theatre. He is a graduate of the Higher School of Dramatic Art. Since he was a little child, he had been taught the art of Karagiozis by the one of the great masters of Karagiozis, "Vaggos".

- From the year 1976 until 1984 he had worked in the Theatre as an actor.

- The beginning of his carrier as a Karagiozis’ player was the performance in Likavittos’ Theatre, in 1985 during the Festival of Athens, with giant-figures and with the participation of actors and live music. The same performance was presented in the same year -1985- in Crete, where the musical parts were played by Giannis Markopoulos’ orchestra, under the direction of the composer and it was repeated for two more times in 1987 in Kallithea and in 1992 in "Katrakio Theatre" during the "Cultural August 1992" events. Also, the same show was presented in Kaftatzoglio Stadium in Thessaloniki, where it was the first time that 30.000 people had the chance to watch Karagiozis' show all together.

- Since then he performs approximately over 200 shows per year all around Greece and abroad, giving the joy and happiness to everyone.

- From the year 1985 until 1998 he's been voted for 13 continuous years as the Chairman of the Panhellenic Theatre of Shadows Association. Through his work he gives himself in the duty of Karagiozis' Art, with the purpose of the art's revival and recognition. Since September 2005 he’s been the Chairman again.

- From the year 1988 until 1993, he had been writing his satirical articles in two local newspapers of Keratsini: «Municipal News» and «Keratsini», where he was satirizing the current reality through the Karagiozis’ characters.

- He has created two plays for Shadow Theatre named: «The Magic Bottle» and «The Polluted Tree». In 1992, together with his collaborators he established a non-speculative company named «Theatre of Shadows» while he also makes the first web-page about the Greek Karagkiozis (www.karagkiozis.com)

- He has been the producer of the TV series "Karagiozis" for the Greek TV Channel ET-2 (in 1989-1990) and also he was the executive producer of the TV Series "Ke milai Ke Lalai" (talking and speaking) for the same channel (1994-'95).

- In 1989, Panos Kapetanidis made his first super-Atlantic journey, giving performances in 10 cities of Canada, while in 1990 he visited 3 countries of Europe: Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

- In 1993 he controls the programme of occupational preparation for young unemployed people from the position of Director and Trainer. This programme was under the authority of the European Union and was organized by the county of Attica through the Panhellenic Theatre of Shadows Association.

- In the years 1994 and 1995, he took part in the International Bursas' Karagioz Festival, where, as an official representative of Greek Theatre of Shadows, he defended the Greek character of Karagiozis.

- He's been playing in theatres of Piraeus and Athens for many winter seasons, as well as in three permanent places in Keratsini during the summer seasons.

- In the years 1996, 1997 and 1998, from the position of the Karagiozis' professional, he taught to the children of Vironas' primary school the Art of Karagiozis. This programme was under the authority of the Cultural Centre of the City of Vironas.


- In the winter season of 1997 - '98, it was the first time for him to give performances in a central theatre of Athens, "Hatzichristos". At this theatre he was giving 2 Karagiozis performances every Sunday. In the Spring of the same year he played in the theatre " California" (St. Sofia, Piraeus)

- In the summer of 1999 we could find him performing in his first summer theatre, "PANOrama", in the area of Pefki in Euboea where he has a great success. In the winter of the same year as well as the winter of the year 2000 he takes part in the "7th and 8th International Festival of Puppets' and Shadows' Act" in Athens and Kallithea correspondingly. He also takes part in the "International Festival of Shadows' Act" in Patras and in the 1 st International Festival of Larnaka ( Cyprus).

- The summer of 2000 was a great landmark for his carreer as his master Vaggos retired from his theatre in Votsalakia in Piraeus, letting him his theatre. By this, Panos Kapetanidis was the person who keeps up a tradition of 30 years in the area of Piraeus.

- In the summer of the year 2001 he takes part in the Festival of Theatre of Shadows which was organized by the Spatharis' Museum foundation of the City of Marousi.

- In the spring season of 2002 he's giving performances in one of the greatest chains of cinemas, and in one of the greatest multiplex cinemas of Europe, " VILLAGE PARK", in Piraeus every Sunday morning.

- Since 2003 he’s been giving performances every summer, 3 times per week in the theatre of “ A.Papandreou Park” in Keratsini.

He’s a member of the “Committee of Administration of Honorary Pension” of the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Last Updated: December 2005